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Hand made Nepal singing bowls

Beautiful hand made singing bowls made from 7 different metals  Lead (Saturn) - 1st chakra Iron (Mars) - 2nd chakra Tin (Jupiter) - 3rd chakra Gold (Sun) - 4th chakra Copper (Venus) 5th chakra Silver (Moon) - 6th chakra Mercury (Mercury) - 7th chakra The old traditional Tibetan singing bowls were made out of an…
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Tera Mai Reiki level 1 certifcate

TERA MAI TM REIKI & SEICHEM Tera-MaiTM - founded by Kathleen Milner - is, very simply, a healing system born out of Reiki. Now, many people know about Reiki and they know that Reiki means ‘Life Force Energy’ and that this energy can be channelled by those who receive an initiation or attunement to Reiki…
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