My name is Bee and my journey truly started when I left the UK and went traveling solo. I was experiencing the darker and very unhealthy side of life at the time with a lot of toxic substances and toxic thoughts which inevitably was creating a toxic reality for me. I threw myself into the total unknown in Asia and then Australia. It was then when I started to recognise and understand that life wasn’t happening to me, life was happening through me.

Yoga and Meditation begun a few years back for me but I really immersed myself when traveling, I met a lot of beautiful friends who encouraged me to continue. I have always had a passion for healthy food and appreciate that our cells reproduce based on what we feed them. The more I practised Yoga, just as physiology states, the more flexible I became physically, the more flexible I became mentally. When you’re breaking through uncomfortable boundaries in either aspect, it has a direct impact on the other.
These experiences I have had and continue to have with living through Yoga are truly profound and magical, I’ve always had a calling for helping others so it only made sense for me to become qualified to teach others yoga and meditation. The feelings that come to me when guiding others and watching them grow are honestly amazing.


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