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Wild Cow Conscious Dance Solstice Celebrations

Saturday 22nd December 2018 Wild Cow brings you another conscious dance night in Milton Keynes Live drumming with Inta Africa DJ mix set with Tim Scott (Open Being) Chill-out area Cacao (raw chocolate) drink Cafe Sound bath relaxation with Pam (Sound-and-silence) Join us on the dance floor to be uplifted by 100% raw ceremonial grade…
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Hand made Nepal singing bowls

Beautiful hand made singing bowls made from 7 different metals  Lead (Saturn) - 1st chakra Iron (Mars) - 2nd chakra Tin (Jupiter) - 3rd chakra Gold (Sun) - 4th chakra Copper (Venus) 5th chakra Silver (Moon) - 6th chakra Mercury (Mercury) - 7th chakra The old traditional Tibetan singing bowls were made out of an…
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(Taken from the original article here: Original article). In 1994, after injuring her back and knee while training for the Boston marathon, Sara Lazar came across an advertisement for a yoga class while leaving her physical therapist’s office. Lazar, a Harvard-trained microbiologist, signed herself up, hoping to receive some physical benefit. To her surprise, she…
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