Chakras, Hatha & Tibetan bowls

2018 dates coming soon

Come and join Estella, Sorcha and Pam where we are delighted to offer you this workshop which journeys through the main 7 Chakras to engage, explore and enlighten this wonderful and varied system.

"Chakra" translates from Sanskrit to "wheel" or "disc" and just like a flower they are able to bloom or remain closed, depending on their condition. By exploring our Chakra systems we are able to perceive any blockages and liberate these energies, allowing us to heal from within and exceed higher states of consciousness both on and off the yoga mat.

Throughout this workshop we will balance each Chakra playfully and systematically through sound, Hatha yoga and other techniques. Pam will play Tibetan bowls, inviting us to deepen our awareness of the Chakras both internally and externally. Estella will guide us with Hatha asanas (postures) to engage the mind, body and spirit and to help us get in touch with each Chakra. This will ensure you feel confident to practice at home, should you desire. Sorcha will teach you how to approach yoga on and off the mat through a variety of fields and techniques. These range from Pranayama, aromatherapy and Thai massage to chanting, meditations and more. In essence, we offer this workshop to teach you how to heal yourself from within and to balance and flourish your Chakra system on your yoga mat and into your daily lives.

Investment £35


Concessions available-

Low wage £20
unemployed £15

To book concessions please email for an invoice


Woolstone Community Centre, Mill Lane, Woolstone, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK15 0AJ

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