Concrete Cows Recovery

Yoga Buddy  & Juice Buddy also run a community project called concrete cows recovery , providing resources in milton keynes for those who are trying to overcome addiction of any kind. If you or anyone you know feel you would benefit to whats on offer, then please email to get involved. Often addiction (of any kind) and alcoholism stem from depression , a trauma so deep that its been buried, isolation and lack of support. Behaviours become habits and habits are hard to break without change. Seeking support, guidance and direction could set you on a path of true self discovery giving you the empowerment to make choices that are going to serve your better self. Concrete cows recovery will be providing many resources for you to get involved in such as horticulture therapy, yoga, mindfulness, meditation practices, sound therapy and more, giving you the opportunity to own your recovery by taking control of it and having positive outlets in your life. Connection is one of the most important parts to recovering and the vision is to make it one big community where no one should feel isolated or alone on their journey, no matter what path you take.

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