About Me

I started my journey with yoga 9 years ago after I had already begun a deep down search for more out of life and trying to discover my purpose on this earth. Before that, I had been working in the fitness and nutrition industry for 4 years, so my work in the well-being field has developed over 13 years. With my previous fitness (including personal trainer) and nutrition qualifications added to qualifying as a yoga teacher 4 years ago, I genuinely believe this has all led me to the point where I am now.

In August 2015 I opened up YogaBuddy studio & Juice Bar which I thoroughly enjoyed running for a year to then selling it over to The Heart Yoga Space so I could go out into the world and offer retreats worldwide.

In May 2016 I completed a Yoga and Mindfulness for Addictions course and trained in Reiki 1 & 2 as I wanted to deepen my understanding on how these alternative methods can contribute to our healing. In March 2018 I took myself to the birth place of Yoga to Rishikesh North India, this was to help bring me closer to the source and what it can offer. I was fortunate enough to stay in a Hari Krisna Ashram and visit the caves in the Himalayas where the Yogis have been practising for thousands of years. My time there taught me that Yoga is self-realisation and that there is great wisdom within us.

Additionally, I strongly believe a community working together brings great joy and purpose into our lives which is what led me to run The Wild Cow Conscious dance night events in Milton Keynes with my good friend and work partner Amy Kirkbride.

Throughout my experience and with now science supporting this; Yoga supports the healing of the body, the mind and the spirit. It brings a sense of connection to the self and to a higher power/higher self and from this awareness we can start to recover from illnesses both mentally and physically.

Furthermore, my physical practice is very much based on a Hatha and Vinyasa approach; bringing in the balance of the yin and the yang. When I teach I help you to understand how this is working in the body and to bring in a better sense of awareness and observation to the self.

By also incorporating Karma yoga into my retreats I believe this will create a wholeness that will give and bring lasting blessings.